The Little Country School is located on a small hobby farm in rural Puslinch Township.

We spend our days inside learning in a beautiful Montessori classroom and outside interacting with farm animals and exploring our beautiful property. Our small class sizes ensure that your child is given the right amount of attention by our educators to foster their learning skills.

The Little Country School has been operating for over 21 years, headed by our principal and teacher, Mrs. Jacqueline Flowers, R. ECE. Licensed with the Ministry of Education as a Private School, we accept students entering their Junior Kindergarten year through to Elementary years. 

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Hello! I’m Jacqueline Flowers. I’ve been teaching since 1987 (…yes that long!) and have owned and operated The Little Country School since 2001. I opened our school so many years ago when there was a real need in our community for an alternative way of education.

The Little Country School has been in two other locations as we grew but in 2013 I fulfilled a life long dream of having the school right on our farm. Teaching children compassion and empathy towards animals and nature has always been a cornerstone of our education. From watching the tiniest insect crawling along to watching chicks hatch to watching the snow fall quietly in my mind all go hand in hand with learning to read, write and learn.

Along with being a Registered Early Childhood Education and certified Montessori teacher, I continue to study and learn many other amazing methods of teaching and feel that my learning along with my students is a life long journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will only accept children onto our waiting list once the family has toured our school. This
tour allows both families and the school if we are the right fit for each other. Once the tour is
completed, you will be emailed a waiting list form. Please fill out the form and we will contact
you once the spot becomes available.

Our program begins in September, and it is unusual for us to have a spot that would even
become available during the year and thus we don’t usually have a spot open during the school
year. We find it a transition challenge for children to join us mid year.

We operate our school from September through until the end of June and offer no summer

Our school does not take any PD Days. We close for all statutory holidays, two weeks over
Christmas holidays and one week for March Break.

Please contact us to inquire about our school tuition fees. Our fees are inclusive, meaning that
there are no other hidden fees. School fees are paid on a monthly basis.

Our in-house families are required to let us know if they will be returning for the next school
year. Once we determine how many spots we can offer, we then take siblings who are on the
wait list. Then we will take children from our waiting list, and then, if be chance we still have an
opening, we will open enrolment to the general public.

Our answer to this is 100% YES! Most of our animals are rescue animals that we have worked
closely with to become friendly and safe to be with the children. Our geese, chickens and ducks
have either been hatched by the school or have been hand raised since a day or two old.

Yes and 100%. The children all take an active role in animal husbandry on the farm, and they
know that their role in caring for the animals is very important. They each spend time every day
cleaning out animal pens, feeding the animals and interacting with them. The children also learn
about pollination in our certified Monarch butterfly garden and learn about growing vegetables
and fruits in our organic vegetable garden.

Our school is a certified Private school with the Ministry of Education. Our Montessori
curriculum meets and exceeds the guidelines set forth by the Ministry.

Your child must be 3.8 years of age at September 1 of that school year to attend. This means that your child must be 4 by the end of December of the year you wish to enroll.

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Puslinch, Ontario, N3C 2V4